Challenging Times call for Stepping out of our Comfort Zone!

I came home last night and was pleasantly surprised to be hearing some beautiful bluesy live music comin through my window from the cafe next door ... was boppin away in the kitchen when I heard the singer start croonin on about how he's a "bad boy" and he's "a man he can't help it" ... like on repeat ... it was such a slap in the face to my good mood ... All I could think about was how I really wished I had some rotten tomatoes that I could throw out my window ...

... and then I thought about the countless times I've asked my students to challenge themselves to have difficult conversations ... I thought about the Malcom X quote "if u don't stand for something you will fall for anything" ... I thought about how women in my culture are so silenced ... and how my silence has turned to rage (which is sometimes not handled in the best way) ... I thought about all the personal work I've been doing over the past few years to speak my truth in a way that could be heard ... so I decided to go downstairs and talk to him ...

... I waited patiently while he finished his set ... even sang along when he covered Stevie ... applauded and smiled while thinking of what to say ... and when he was done I went up and introduced myself ... hi, I live next door ... heard ur music through my window and thought it was beautiful (thanks thanks) ... I gotta say tho ... I'm not sure if u write all ur songs (I do I write all my music) but one of them really upset me ... he got nervous ... I was already nervous ... yeah the song about how "I'm a man and I just can't help it" (oh yeah) I asked him ... have u heard of rape culture?! (Yeaaa) can you see how that song perpetuates it?! (Oh yeah well ...) I'm just saying ... the lyrics are hella upsetting ... u might wanna think about taking it off ur set list (oh, good lookin out ... thanks for the tip) as I walk away his friend was all ... she came out here just for that ... I could tell I was getting the oh she's a crazy lady look ...

... but regardless I am hella proud of myself ... I was raised to bite my tongue ... which later on resulted in me going the whole other direction ... I have been working hard on communicating, speaking my truth, using questions and funnies to have these challenging conversations ... this incident along with my Lyft ride with a trump supporter (story coming soon) have got me thinkin more and more bout the our responsibilities towards creating a more caring and humane society, and the strange times we are living in!! As much as these convos are a work in progress for me ... work and progress are the operative words!

#standup #corageousconversations #smashthepatriarchy #gome #eachoneteachone

#changegoncome #ofcourseithoughtofallthecomebacksafterthefact

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