It all begins here! As educators it is essential that we begin building awareness about identifiable microaggressions around race and gender that show up in our playgrounds and classrooms. It is imperative that we learn how to have and hold space for courageous conversations around issues such as sexism, racism and classism in order to create long lasting change.  

We offer Professional Development (PD’s) for Schools, Districts, Organizations and Corporations at varying levels of engagement, ranging from monthly articles and podcasts to quarterly in person PD's and workshops. 

We offer professional development for schools on topics such as:

  • Ism’s 101 – Identifying microagressions in the classroom and playground.

  • Courageous Conversations – How to dialogue around differences!

  • The teachable moment – Boys will not be Boys, End sexual harassment now!

  • Creating Safe Spaces – mindfulness and restorative justice practices to bring zen to your schools and classrooms.

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