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It all begins here! As educators it is essential that we do the internal work and reflection to identify how we have internalized the various isms so that we can start identifying how microaggressions around race and gender that show up in our playgrounds and classrooms. It is imperative that we learn how to have and hold space for courageous conversations to create long lasting change. 

When we know better, we can do better!

We offer Professional Development (PD’s) for Schools, Districts, Organizations and Corporations at varying levels of engagement both online and in person. Offerings have included but are not limited to the titles below.

– Smooshing the Patriarchy on the Playground –

Understanding how gender based violence is perpetuated in traditional schooling, and how to disrupt it.


– Creating Safe Spaces –

Circle, Restorative Practices and the Need For Joy


– Courageous Conversations and The Teachable Moment –

Race, Gender and Sexuality in the Classroom


Flipping the Script –

Community Accountability Vs. Cancel Culture 


A Way to Wakanda – Allyship as a path to freedom.


– Science Classroom, Meet Anti-Racism and Feminism –

An Intersectional Approach to teaching Secondary Content.


- Let's Talk About Sex Baaaby -

Consent Culture and the Sex Positive School Environment

Want to know why we do what we do?!? Click Here for stories, facts and connecting the dots!

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