Ms. Amreen, thank you for always being there for me, always caring, and always listening. You have taught me to stand up for what I believe in, and what a strong, independent woman looks like.

Ann L. – 8th Grade Graduation Speech


As a father of two beautiful girls, and a man who was raised by a very strong woman I think it would be disrespectful of the memory of my grandmother and would not honor the two girls I am raising. These workshops have sparked meaningful conversations at home and I think altered the way my soon to be teenager will experience the world one day as a woman.

Charles Logan – Art Teacher and Parent


She helped us to center healing, wellness, self and community care, as well as transformative justice in our vision and mission and structures of the organization. I have to admit, that this shift was new to me but I quickly realized how important it was to creating a community space that was going to last and not burn people out.


Amreen has helped us to create a love-based movement that is now growing across the nation. Amreen has also helped me to personally develop my own feminist lens and praxis as an organizer and teacher. She has helped me to be reflective, honest, and open to feedback and critique.

Ron Espiritu – Educator and Activist

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