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 Our workshops for youth are engaging, culturally relevant and age appropriate. We empower students to find their true values and make the best decisions for themselves. We explore healthy relationships relationships, boundaries, consent, sexual harassment, beliefs, development, sexually transmitted infections (sti's), and safe navigation of social media including sexting and porn. 

Offerings have included but are not limited to the titles below:

-Healthy Relationships-

Boundaries, Consent and Communication

-Bystander Intervention-

-Sexual Harassment Vs. Flirting-

-Sex Ed MythBusters-

 We feel that in person workshops provide give us the space needed to build trusting relationships which are the foundations of this work, however online workshops are possible.

We also facilitate workshops for educators and parents focused on creating safe spaces in order to have positive, healthy conversations about relationships and sex. 

Offerings can be in person or online. 

Want to know why we do what we do?!? Click Here for stories, facts and connecting the dots!!

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