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The Allyship For Men Project

 Men folk, it is your time


Are you interested in learning how to become an Ally to women and LGBTQIA folk? We offer online or in-person courses that will help you build your understanding of what allyship is, and develop the tools necessary to be one. Topics include understanding internalized patriarchy, recognizing toxic masculinity vs. healthy masculinity, spotting micro-agressions, building communication skills and empathy, understanding intersectionality and actively practicing allyship and acompliceship. 


These courses are intentionally facilitated by a woman because we believe an essential part of allyship for men is learning to listen to and believe women. It is also important that this is a safe an courageous space and we work hard to create a love based, non-judgemental movement. 

Join us! Be the change you wish to see!

The Allyship for Men Project created a positive, proactive forum and environment to explore, learn, consider, and ultimately empower participants to make the world a better place.


It helped provide me build more empathy and understanding. It allowed me to take a broader societal view on gender equality. It allowed me to work at my own speed, and spend more time and thought on certain areas I found interesting.

This course has shown me that there is a great network of support to allyship. The material used in this course was both knowledgeable and empowering with supporting tools and techniques to help move forward with being an ally.

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