Men folk, it is your time ... to put in work, to stand for justice, to fight oppression and to listen to women!

Interested in becoming a Male ally? Sign up for a 6 week donation based online course that will help you build your understanding of what allyship is, and develop the tools necessary to be an one. Topics include undoing internalized patriarchy, recognizing toxic masculinity and micro-agressions, building communication skills and empathy, understanding intersectionality and actively practicing allyship and acompliceship.


Each week you will be given articles to read and or videos to watch. These will be followed up with reflection questions and a homework assignment to help you process and share your thoughts.  There is an opportunity to participate in 3 video calls to work though your learnings, questions and real life scenarios. 


This course is intentionally facilitated by a woman because we believe an essential part of allyship is learning to listen to women and letting them take the lead.  It is also important that this is a safe an courageous space and we work hard to create a love based movement.  Join us! Be the change you wish to see!

Next Session Begins August 9th, 2021


The Male Ally Project created a positive proactive forum and environment to explore, learn, consider, and ultimately empower participants to make the world a better place.

It helped provide me more empathy and understanding. It allowed me to take a broader societal view on gender equality. It allowed me to work at my own speed, and spend more time and thought on certain areas I found interesting.

It was very impactful to look back at my life and see the ways in which I've contributed to the various problems we discussed and learned about. Also, I'm very excited to have learned about being an accomplice as I am most at home when I can contribute to fixing something and now I know how to do that in a way that is respectful of the needs/experience of women.

The weekly timeline worked well per topic, it gave time to digest and reflect before moving on. The video calls were a great tool to share space with each other and get an even better sense of where folks are coming from. And the written response/reflecting I felt were a good exercise for being thoughtful and conscious in organizing your emotions around the different topics.

I think as a young cis white male it is important to invest time and effort into becoming a more understanding and active member of my community in the most productive way. This course offers an easy approachable opportunity that really helped me reflect on the ways that I perpetuate the issue of toxic masculinity and ways I can destruct that behavior and work towards becoming a better male ally. I would wholly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in becoming a better boyfriend, husband, or friend and becoming a better male ally.


Since completing the course there have been a few times where I have had a frustrating day and before I step inside the house I try and cool down to be aware of what energy I am bringing in with me. In that cooling down, I think about emotional labor. Just in the act of thinking about that word i have found i am more likely to check in with my wife and set a plan together for the evening and the responsibilities needed for that evening. This awareness sets my wife and I up to collaborate and share both the emotional and physical responsibilities of each day rather than just assume or passively expect each other to do something or take on something.

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